Motorsport UK Academy Selections 2021

Thursday 11 March 2021

Motorsport UK are pleased to announce the 2021 programme selections for its Academy, the governing body’s talent development pathway that equips the UK’s most promising young drivers with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to maximise their performance.

Along with the existing Team UK programme, Motorsport UK are delighted to announce the introduction of the Team UK Futures initiative – with the two previous Squad and Co-Driver groups now being combined. Progression through the Academy will now have a clear pathway, with it being formed by three core programmes: Team UK, Team UK Futures and Enhanced DiSE.

A newly established Podium Programme will also run alongside the pathway and ensure that the Academy can keep in touch with its Alumni, so that drivers who have graduated from programmes can still access support should they need it.

“Due to a disrupted 2020 season, the Motorsport UK Academy cohort couldn’t benefit from a full programme delivery,” said Motorsport UK Competitors Pathway Manager Katie Baldwin.

“The Academy team felt that it was only fair that we retained many of last year’s athletes for another year. A lot of our drivers had to deal with a condensed race schedule, and social distancing measures meant that we couldn’t hold our face-to-face sessions. Whilst we tried to do as much as possible virtually, we’re really looking forward to seeing our drivers in person later this year and delivering exciting and informative sessions with our supporting partners.”


The Academy Class of 2021:


Team UK

  • Olli Cadwell
  • Jamie Chadwick
  • Ricky Collard
  • Tom Gamble*
  • Phil Hall*
  • Dan Harper
  • Johnathan Hoggard
  • Callum Ilott
  • Harry King*
  • Sandy Mitchell*
  • Will Tregurtha
  • Tom Williams
  • Keaton Williams*
  • Rhys Yates

Podium Programme

  • Jake Hughes
  • Chris Ingram

Team UK Futures – Co-Drivers

  • Jack Bowen
  • Cameron Fair
  • Hannah McKillop
  • Ian Parker
  • Gareth Parry
  • Rhys Stoneman
  • Ben Teggart
  • Liam Whiteley

Team UK Futures – Year 2

  • Luke Browning*
  • Tom Canning
  • Charlie Collins
  • Alfie Glenie
  • Josh Hislop
  • Dean MacDonald
  • Josh Martin
  • Sam Neary*
  • Alex Nevill
  • Finlay Retson*
  • Josh Skelton
  • Rob Wilson
  • Nicole Woods
  • Joe Turney

Team UK Futures – Year 1

  • Alex Connor*
  • Jessica Edgar
  • Toby Goodman
  • Logan Hannah
  • Louis Harvey
  • James Hedley
  • Rory Hudson*
  • Will Hunt
  • Eddie Lewis
  • Emily Linscott
  • Tom Llewellin
  • Joseph Loake*
  • Josh Malin
  • Adam Smalley
  • Archie Swinscoe
  • Bailey Voisin*
  • Lydia Walmsley*

Enhanced DiSE – Year 2

  • Lacey Brown
  • Sean Butcher
  • Alessandro Ceronetti
  • Anderson Chilcott
  • James Crossley
  • Molly Dodd
  • Tom Emson
  • Sam Hicks
  • Owen Hizzey
  • Abby Lock
  • Will Martin
  • Ellie-Anna McFall
  • Gordie Mutch
  • Ben O’Hare
  • Abbi Pulling
  • Oliver Richardson
  • Brad Sampson
  • Casper Stevenson
  • Billy Styles
  • Zak Taylor
  • Jack Tomalin
  • Olly Turner

Enhanced DiSE – Year 1

  • Nathan Amess
  • James Black
  • Ben Cox
  • Joseph Dalgarno
  • Alfie Hammond
  • Tom Johnstone
  • Peter Jones
  • Jon Lawrence
  • Dan Mackintosh
  • Sebastian Malcolm
  • Ryan Margolis
  • Florin-Alexandru Mazilu
  • Jemma Moore
  • Patrick O’Donovan
  • Tom Ovenden
  • Olivia Petix-Martin
  • Josh Rattican
  • Rhianna Regan
  • Harry Rice
  • Lucas Romanek
  • Danny Shalev
  • Alex Tuzzeo
  • Harry Yardley-Rose

*Denotes new selections for 2021