Motorsport UK announce new partnership with Easee

Friday 12 March 2021

Motorsport UK is pleased to announce a new partnership with Easee, who will become the official Electric Vehicle Charging Partner for the governing body for UK motorsport.

Founded in Norway in 2018 by three entrepreneurs with a vision to shape the future of electricity, the new multi-year deal with Motorsport UK further strengthens the electric company’s core values of collaboration and relationship building, as they embark with partners on the electrification journey.

Easee will provide multiple charging points at Motorsport UK’s new headquarters in Bicester and will join its Member Benefits programme with an exclusive offer to all members.

Easee will also create a bespoke trailer-based temporary charging rig with up to ten charging robots which will be available to Motorsport UK clubs and organisers to use in their paddocks and service areas and present at some Motorsport UK organised events in 2021 and 2022.

Motorsport UK CEO, Hugh Chambers, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Easee as our new Electric Vehicle Charging Partner. The evolution of sustainable technology is increasing exponentially, and Motorsport UK will be embracing all future technologies both for the sport and our own business operations. At our new home in Bicester, we will have accessible charging points for visitors, as well as an exclusive Member Benefit for the wider Motorsport UK community. Our partnership with Easee will also enable us to start supporting our community in this growth area with our mobile charging unit, which will aid event organisers who will need to factor electric vehicle presence over the next few years.”

Adam Rodgers from Easee said: “Our partnership with Motorsport UK is an exciting opportunity to spread the word about the switch to driving electric vehicles. Motorsport in general has always been a great platform to influence consumers, innovate technology, and increase public awareness. In our partnership, Easee and Motorsport UK can help its partners understand the importance of switching to EV and the solutions that Easee can bring to EV charging. The future of motorsport will see electric play a big part, from track days to professional racing series. Together, we can overcome the challenges of EV charging by removing common misconceptions and using innovative technology to shape the future of electric racing.”