Motorsport UK announces new Electrified Vehicle regulations

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Motorsport UK has issued full Electrified Vehicle technical and safety regulations for the first time as part of its focus on creating a sustainable future for the sport.

One of Motorsport UK’s key investment pillars focuses on innovation, and a framework for Electrified Vehicles has been in development as a major element of this investment. There are now clear plans to roll out training and allow the new regulations to be implemented. Motorsport UK is the first motorsport National Governing Body to fully develop regulations in this area.

The framework and regulations are developed by the Motorsport UK Executive and Technical Committee, with assistance from industry experts, and they cater for all types of Electrified Vehicles including hybrid and full battery electric. They will now allow Motorsport UK to create new future categories for motorsport competition.

At a grassroots level, the new regulations will allow a standard production Electrified Vehicle to compete unmodified in disciplines that allow standard road cars, for example Sprint and Hill climb Road Car Categories, or Autotests and Autosolos.

Hugh Chambers, Motorsport UK CEO said: “Innovation is a crucial area of investment if we are to deliver a sustainable future for motorsport, and clearly Electrified Vehicles are central to this. We have been working on this framework for many months and it is a very exciting area for our sport. This is happening alongside developments in electrified karting and it is now within our grasp to have hybrid or electric power across all levels of motorsport.

“The development of hybrid power has been in the spotlight in mainstream motorsport such as F1 for some time now, but these regulations will allow unmodified vehicles to compete at a grassroots level at motor clubs across the country, so this is an incredibly important step towards allowing the whole community to embrace hybrid and electric power.

“This is by no means the end of conventionally powered motorsport, but it is one of the key areas to develop in order for our sport to thrive in the future.”

Training and education is also a key phase in the adoption of the new regulations. Updated guidance for event organisers is now available with more practical measures including basic fire-fighting requirements. Motorsport UK has already provided High Voltage Electrified Vehicle awareness training to Scrutineers, and the Online Training Module is now available for all officials on Motorsport UK’s new Learning Hub. Further information and training will be provided to Officials coming into close contact with Electrified Vehicles such as rescue and recovery teams.

These regulations will also cater for modified production and bespoke competition Electrified Vehicles, while discipline-specific Sporting Regulations will determine which categories of ‘EV’ can compete in which disciplines.