Motorsport UK champions Sustainable Rally Charter in drive towards Net Zero

Monday 15 April 2024

Following extensive consultation with the forest Rally community and forestry bodies across the UK, Motorsport UK launched its Sustainable Rally Charter during the 50th edition of the Rallynuts Severn Valley Stages on 13 April.

The charter provides a set of sustainable behaviours for clubs and competitors to action, demonstrating a commitment to the future of rallying. The accreditation will see clubs work together with Motorsport UK, venues, and spectators, to pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect biodiversity, and work with local communities to run events, that ensure they will go on for years to come.

Rally has faced challenges as a sport around its sustainability credentials and best practices within forest rallying across the UK.

Upon signing the charter, clubs will complete an environment impact assessment to measure the footprint of an event, through inputting their own data into Motorsport UK’s Carbon Calculator. All Motorsport UK clubs will have access to a number of tools and resources as they work towards implementing sustainable objectives and goal.

Hugh Chambers, CEO Motorsport UK, comments, “We are facing a pivotal point for rallying in the UK, not only is the sport growing in popularity but our clubs continue to attract new members and interest. We are certain that by using the Charter as a basis we can safeguard the sport we love and create a bright, and vibrant, future for the next generation.”

Jonathan Jackson, Head of Rallying Motorsport UK, adds, “The Sustainable Rally Charter outlines how our sport will embrace sustainability going forward. We hope that the creation of a charter will clearly set out expectations for clubs looking to host Multi-Venue Rally events, and highlight the tools available to help, while ensuring that our sport remains safe, sustainable and fun for everyone.”