Motorsport UK commits to a diverse and inclusive future

Thursday 12 January 2023

Motorsport UK has today unveiled a dedicated Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy to ensure that motorsport is accessible, inclusive and safe for all.

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the the EDI Strategy outlines Motorsport UK’s approach to enable more people to participate in the sport.

Formed out of Motorsport UK’s Sustainability Strategy, the EDI Strategy has clearly defined goals through to 2025 and includes three workstream pillars:

  1. Diversify the Sport
  2. Best of Behaviours
  3. Legacy and Impact

When combined, these pillars act as a powerful way to meaningfully change the sport’s demographics, encourage best-practice behaviours, and leave a lasting legacy that impacts individuals within the motorsport community and wider society.

The creation of the EDI strategy is underpinned by Motorsport UK’s recent work to celebrate diversity and enable full involvement of the entire motorsport community.

In 2021, Motorsport UK established an EDI Committee that was complemented by four specialist sub-committees that helped to define the governing body’s approach to the issues of racial diversity, women in motorsport, LGBTQ+ and disability and accessibility.

A wide array of initiatives have been undertaken by Motorsport UK as a result of the hard work undertaken by its committees. These include holding the first Racial Diversity in Motorsport Conference in November 2021, utilising its Bicester-based headquarters to support Loughborough Car Club’s Disabled Driver Scholarship Programme in May 2022, launching Women in Motorsport Day during the British Grand Prix in July 2022, and celebrating the Rainbow Laces campaign in conjunction with Stonewall and Racing Pride in October 2022.

On the launch of the EDI Strategy, Hugh Chambers, Motorsport UK Chief Executive Officer, said, “Motorsport UK has a responsibility to make sure that everyone in our sport can participate in an inclusive environment that is safe, fair and fun.

“We have developed the strategy to ensure motorsport is more representative of British society’s demographics and champions best behaviours. The work delivered over the next few year’s will be pivotal in encouraging more people into motorsport and ensuring we create a lasting legacy that has real impact.”


To find out more about Motorsport UK’s approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion visit our website: