Motorsport UK Esports offers exclusive Base Performance Simulators opportunity

Thursday 23 March 2023

Motorsport UK Esports has teamed up with Base Performance Simulators to offer an exclusive taster session for members on Friday 28 April.

Base Performance Simulators, located in Banbury, Oxfordshire, is led by three-time Le Mans winning Aston Martin factory driver, Darren Turner. It offers state-of-the-art simulators with tools and technology taken from on-track cars to provide a unique understanding of racing for professional and amateur drivers.

Registered guests will drive both the BPS Aston Martin GT Simulator and the Full-Motion Single-Seater Simulator enhanced by a six-metre wraparound screen, designed to produce a truly immersive experience.

There are 24 slots, available exclusively to Motorsport UK Esports members at £50 per person.

You must be a member of Motorsport UK Esports Hub, and aged 14 and over, to be eligible for the event.

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