Motorsport UK hosts first Developing Driver Day for upcoming Black, Asian and other under-represented ethnicities in motorsport

Monday 23 October 2023

Motorsport UK is proud to host its first Developing Driver Day at its Bicester HQ today. At its core is a series of workshops to identify and improve the skills needed to succeed in the racing world.  

Upcoming racing talent from diverse backgrounds aged 13 – 18 will have the opportunity to participate in activities central to motorsport.  

The first day has been opened to Black, Asian and other under-represented ethnicities in motorsport as part of Motorsport UK’s Black History Month programme. Motorsport UK organised the day following consultation with the Racial Diversity Expert Committee. Drivers from diverse backgrounds have often felt opportunities to participate in such programmes are out of reach. Today is the starting point to showcase how drivers can access the support network available. 

The wide-ranging programme will include a talk from British GT and film stunt driver, Jordan Albert, who will share his experience of the sport and how he created his opportunities. He will also look into how data and coaching can be utilised to hone talent.  

James Wozencroft, who has been a Motorsport UK Academy performance manager for over 10 years, will discuss the different route options to get to the top of a chosen discipline and how to plan a long and successful career in the sport. 

Using one of the performance analysis tools used within the Motorsport UK Academy, James and Jordan will then deliver an evaluation exercise, looking at four key areas (technical & tactical, psychological, physical and social) to identify areas of opportunity to make each driver a well-rounded athlete.  

James and Jordan will also discuss an important part of motorsport: finding funding. They will illustrate the top things to consider when finding sponsorship, from how you begin research, reach out to potential sponsors and then look after them once they agree support.  

Carl Chase and Donovan Dyer will finally take drivers through a practical driving session, exploring how simulators can support driver development. Carl is a member of the Racial Diversity Expert Committee to promote diversity and participation in the sport and has recently completed Motorsport UK’s Level 2 coaching course. Donovan is a member of the Motorsport UK Academy’s Enhanced DiSE programme, studying at Loughborough College in a dual career, combining his education with his sport.  

Katie Baldwin, Competitors Pathway Manager, commented: “The Developing Driver Day is a bridge for young drivers to the next step on the ladder. We have designed the day to give a wide picture of the multiple directions a driving career could take and the skills needed to make the next move. We have opened this out initially to members of the Black racing community following feedback. We heard that while opportunities are out there, diverse drivers have struggled to access the information or feel it is not applicable to their own circumstances. We wanted to reach out and give support, but also guidance to show that the opportunities are valid for everyone. We hope it will give the confidence to the participants to pursue their aims in the sport.”