Motorsport UK launches pioneering Esports Hub

Friday 27 January 2023

Motorsport UK has launched a pioneering Esports Hub to grow the community of new and experienced drivers, providing value, insight and benefits around the discipline.

Esports is an accessible and widely participated in discipline with thousands taking to real-life tracks and cars that are brought seamlessly into the virtual world across multiple games and equipment set-ups.

The Motorsport UK Esports Hub provides an environment to nurture the esports industry in its current form by adding credibility, professionalism, and promotion of the sport.

New drivers will be able to start their esports journey via the Motorsport UK Esports Hub by building an understanding across the industry, including what equipment to use and where to race. Established and professional racers will receive a unique experience and receive added value to their existing racing experience.

Alongside practical information on competing in esports, the Motorsport UK Esports Hub provides a list of established communities and companies, recommended by the organisation as safe spaces to engage in the discipline. These communities offer services from leagues, events to offering insight on car setups and driver coaching.

Access to the Motorsport UK Esports Hub is free with the option of an annual paid member subscription providing a range of unique benefits and discounts on equipment, setups, coaching and early access to Motorsport UK community events.

As a special introductory offer, members who sign up before 28 February will receive 10% off noblechairs’ range of gaming chairs.

Click here to join the Motorsport UK esports community today!

Hugh Chambers, Motorsport UK Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Esports is accessible for racers just starting out and provides high-performance capabilities, that seamlessly replicate real-life motorsport, for the leading professionals.

“The esports community worldwide is vibrant and the launch of the Motorsport UK Esports Hub will simplify the journey into the discipline, provide insight of what’s required to compete and deliver unique and exclusive Motorsport UK community events.”

Paul Crawford, Motorsport UK’s Esports Manager, commented, “The Motorsport UK Esports Hub will make understanding esports simpler and easier to navigate, becoming an aggregator of the great ongoing work across multiple organisations within the community. The Hub features extensive and detailed insight on how to get started and what to look out for alongside exclusive benefits to off-set participation in esports.

“Motorsport UK’s first community event in 2022, the Britcar 24-hours, was a great success with live streaming and prizes awarded. A range of member only events are planned for 2023 to enhance the value of the hub and continue to build the community.”

Visit the Motorsport UK Esports Hub now to start your journey into esports today!