Motorsport UK moving to Bicester Motion in 2020

Monday 28 October 2019

The move reflects a wider long-term vision for Motorsport UK to promote the sport and to engage with new audiences; as well as delivering genuine benefits to the clubs and grass roots of the sport.

Motorsport UK has been based in Colnbrook, near Heathrow, since 1988 in a location that has become increasingly remote from the needs of its members. By contrast, Bicester Motion was launched to the automotive world as a hub for enthusiasts of the past present and future of the car to meet, work and enjoy their automotive passions. It is being developed to ultimately become a unique and vibrant automotive tourist destination.

The Bicester location provides significant geographical benefits to Motorsport UK, being within 90 minutes of 50% of the UK’s population. Both Birmingham International and London are easily reached in less than 60 minutes by rail, as well as having excellent motorway links via the adjacent M40. This will aid Motorsport UK’s ability to engage with the whole UK motorsport network, including its club community. In addition, the planned substantial hotel and conference centre, due to open in 2022, will provide a perfect centre for meetings, training and conferences. All with ample parking to host events.

Further down the line, there are plans for Motorsport UK to operate training, testing and potential licenced sprint meets on the proposed track facilities, which will provide the opportunity to host events for the sport, and create community gatherings. The venue will also provide opportunities for the development of commercial relationships in technology, medical, sport development and training as well as education. Motorsport UK’s vision for the site is to create a centre of excellence in motorsport.

Hugh Chambers, Motorsport UK CEO, said:

“This move to Bicester is a clear symbol of the ambition of Motorsport UK.

Our vision is of a nation inspired by the past, present and future of motorsport. The whole concept of Bicester Motion certainly provides the backdrop for us to deliver on that vision. There are clear synergies between the objectives of Motorsport UK and Bicester Motion, particularly in terms of engaging the public with the automobile and more specifically, motorsport.

“Not only does it make perfect sense geographically, but the relocation is designed to be cost-neutral, so it is a fantastic opportunity for Motorsport UK to make a move which is long overdue.

“The location, in the heart of ‘Motorsport Valley’, will allows us greater access to the motorsport talent pool, and enable us to more effectively develop our commercial relationships, as well as being logistically more suitable for the governance of the sport.

“The plans for a hotel and conference complex, the centre for technology businesses and driving experiences really do provide the ideal facilities and backdrop for us to engage our clubs, members, and the wider motorsport community. Ultimately it will help us to showcase the sport to the public and inspire a growth in engagement.”

Daniel Geoghegan, Chief Executive of Bicester Motion commented, “The partnership between Bicester Motion and Motorsport UK enables both organisations to address the advances in the automotive sector and motorsport, providing vision and resource for the future.”

Motorsport UK will move to a temporary office location at Bicester Heritage, a component part of Bicester Motion, in mid 2020, with a view to developing a new permanent office building following the disposal of the existing Colnbrook offices. As a major extension of the Bicester Heritage site, and as part of the larger Bicester Motion project, Motorsport UK’s office will be located in the New Technical Site, which will provide purpose-built units in addition to the existing buildings on the historic site. The headquarters of Motorsport UK will be amongst the first to be completed in this development.