Rallycross competitor shows support to Ukraine; Donate to Motorsport UK’s Ukraine fundraiser

Sunday 09 April 2023

Since the launch of Motorsport UK’s Ukraine fundraising campaign, community members have shown their support through donation of funds or actively supporting initiatives. 

To date the campaign has raised over £40,000 and Motorsport UK community members can make a real difference by donating here – https://www.gofundme.com/motorsportuk. 

Motorsport UK will conclude the fundraising campaign on 14 April 2023, and urges the community to donate and show support to ensure we exceed our target of £50,000. 

The funds raised will be put towards purchasing an armoured ambulance and medical supplies before it’s delivered to Ukraine. 

Fynn Watt, a Rallycross competitor from Oxfordshire, has been active in his support to Ukraine and made seven trips to the nation in 2022, working with a team to deliver 22 operational vehicles, including three ambulances and two first responder search and rescue 4x4s. 

Following the start of the war, Watt was inspired to make a difference and withdrew from his university studies to do so. 

“I didn’t want to stand and watch,” commented Watt. “Lives were being unjustly taken and I knew I could do something to help. When it turned out that my family, friends and community didn’t want to just stand and watch either, we rallied around helping Ukraine in only the most effective ways.”

Having raised funds of his own through various means, Watt has been actively supporting the nation. With his family all competing or working in motorsport, Watt contacted Motorsport UK and offered to utilise his experience and contacts to source an armoured ambulance and provide logistical support to get the vehicle to Ukraine.

“This is our chance to do something special – to not just watch,” expressed Watt. “From the motorsport community of our country to the country of Ukraine, everyone involved in this project should be proud they can get the legitimate chance to save lives.

“I had a conversation with a Ukrainian medic recently. Under gunfire and artillery they evacuate the wounded, often without the protection you’d expect. A vehicle like this will allow teams to reach people they can’t reach now and save people they can’t save now. 

“We need to make it happen.”

To donate to Motorsport UK’s Ukraine fundraiser, click HERE. 

About Motorsport UK’s Ukraine Fundraiser

In support and solidarity, Motorsport UK launched a fundraising campaign in 2022 and to date has raised over £40,000. 

Motorsport UK has consulted with members of the community who are supporting the delivery of vehicles and aid to Ukraine. In order to deliver an armoured ambulance with medical supplies to Ukraine, Motorsport UK is inviting the community to help the campaign breakthrough the £50,000 mark. 

The fundraising campaign will conclude on 14 April 2023 and Motorsport UK will then use the funds raised to purchase the armoured ambulance and medical supplies before working on logistics to deliver it to Ukraine. 

Motorsport UK Clubs and Members are invited to donate to the campaign HERE.

Motorsport UK would like to hear from any clubs or members who have already been engaged in fundraising or, have been providing supplies or support to Ukraine and, particularly those who would be interested in assisting with the procurement & logistics to send the armoured ambulance to Ukraine later this year. You can get in contact with us HERE.