Motorsport UK TV: You might have missed…

Thursday 18 April 2024

With hill climb season very much upon us, our ‘Hill Climb Beginner Series’ part of our ‘Motorsport UK TV Originals’ will answer all your questions around getting into the sport, which gear to pack and whether your car has the revs to handle the course. 

Don’t miss our ‘Day in the Life of a Hill Climb Competitor’ as Motorsport UK TV joins Billy Grace to discuss the competitors’ journey at a hill climb event, taking you through the essential checklist to get started from the moment you pull into the event venue.  

We’ll help you navigate the signing on process, offer insights on what to bring, and share some insider knowledge to boost your confidence on the track, with our upcoming videos including an explanation around timing at a hillclimb event. 

Watch our beginner hillclimb series here. 

With the British Rally Championship underway and the recent Rallynuts Severn Valley Stages in the books, our ‘Your First Rally Series’ is a must watch if you fancy getting down and dirty with the best of them.  

‘The Role of the Officials’ takes you through a few key members of the volunteer community that you need to know ahead of your first rally. We delve into the vital roles these individuals play in the heart-pounding action of rally racing and gain valuable insight into the essential community members you’ll encounter on your own motorsport journey. 

Our full series run throughs feature everything you need to know to compete in your first rally event, keep an eye on Motorsport UK TV as there is more to come in this series… 

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