Movement of Motorsport Vehicles Post-Brexit

Monday 11 January 2021

On 31 December 2020, the temporary transition arrangements in place between the EU and the UK expired, affecting the movement of motorsport vehicles and equipment to the EU.

Following advice, Motorsport UK understands that an ATA Carnet will be required to temporarily move motorsport vehicles and equipment across the border.

An ATA Carnet is an international Customs document that operates like a passport for your goods.  It allows the temporary importation of goods into countries that are part of the ATA Carnet system (the EU and 40+ additional countries) and avoids you having to pay unnecessary taxes or duties.

ATA Carnets cover all goods that are leaving the UK and returning within a 12-month period.  They do not cover disposable goods (oil, fluids) that will be used while out of the country or items that will not be returning to the UK.

The ATA Carnet simplifies the customs procedure into a single document and makes the importation process much quicker and easier to handle.  To avoid unnecessary border delays and customs checks the carnet should be acquired in advance of travel.

There are two parts to the carnet:

  1. The processing/arrangement fee of the paperwork (VATable)
  2. The premium (non-VATable)

Motorsport UK has secured a special deal with the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC) for Motorsport UK members of a fixed price processing/arrangement fee of £240+VAT. This is discounted from the standard fee of £330+VAT that non-members of the GBCC would pay.

Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce is appointed as part of a network of Chambers around the country to issue ATA Carnets.

The second part of the fee is the Premium. This can either be a refundable deposit of 40% of the vehicle’s value or a non-refundable insurance premium to cover the 40% proportion of the premium.

As an example, if selecting the latter, the insurance premium pricing for £100k of a classic car cover would be a calculation based on 40% of the value and the duration of the carnet.

  • 2 months – £288
  • 6 months – £484
  • 12 months – £624

The vehicle can be transported back and forth regularly throughout the duration of that one carnet.

The calculations behind the premium are based on 40% of the vehicle value, however it is not a sliding scale and is not as simple that a £50,000 carnet would cost half that of a £100k carnet nor that a £200k carnet would be twice the amount.

Applying for ATA Carnets:

Carnets are applied for through an electronic portal called ‘E-cert’ and processed and posted out next day delivery or made ready for same day collection.

A walkthrough of the process for Motorsport UK members is available here.

Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Carnet Specialist, Jonathan Crosbie, can be contacted by Motorsport UK members on 0121 274 3217.

GBCC also offer an express ATA Carnet service for Motorsport UK members for a £35+VAT premium (normally £75+VAT), and if all the information is available and correct an express Carnet can be turned around in as little as one hour (Monday-Friday 0800-1600).

To access the Motorsport UK ATA Carnet discount with Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, please reference your 2021 Motorsport UK competition or entrants licence number and the name in which it is registered when applying.