Nominations for Committee and Advisory Group members

Monday 25 July 2022

Motorsport UK creates and enforces rules and regulations to minimise risk and ensure a level playing field in UK motorsport. These regulations are developed, evaluated, and amended throughout the year by a number of Specialist Committees representing various branches of the sport. These Committees also play a part in assisting the Council and the Board with strategic planning of the development and future of motorsport.

The Committees are supported by an Executive Function in Motorsport UK, that will be jointly responsible, with the Chair of Committee, for the strategic direction of Committee work and the successful realisation of work by the Committees.

Some of the Committees have Sub Committees and Advisory Groups, all of which may be applied for as well.

Depending on the Committees, the roles may be as a member of the Committee or as a Chair. Please indicate your interest as such. These roles are entirely voluntary; however, expenses will be paid to cover travel to and from Committee meetings which are held 2-3 times per year and typically at the offices of Motorsport UK in Bicester, with one meeting in person and the other meetings being held online via Teams. The appointments are for up to three years, with new members initially serving a two-year ‘probationary’ term.

Applications are sought for the following Committees and Advisory Groups

  • Autotest Committee
  • Cross Country Committee
  • Historic Committee
  • Judicial Committee
  • Kart Committee
    • Kart Technical Sub Committee
  • Medical Committee
    • Medical Expert Group
  • Race Committee
  • Rallies Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Speed Events Committee
    • Autocross & Rallycross Sub Committee
    • Dragster Sub Committee
    • Sprint and Hill Climb Sub Committee
  • Technical Committee
    • Timekeeping Advisory Group
  • Trials Committee
  • Volunteer Officials Committee
    • Clerks’ and Stewards’ Advisory Group
    • Marshals’ Advisory Group
    • Training Advisory Group

How to apply?

If you have the relevant experience of the specialist areas, and feel you can make a significant contribution, we would welcome your application. All we need is your CV which should outline your relevant areas of specialist expertise, together with a covering letter on how you can contribute to the Committee.

Applications should be submitted by 19 September 2022. Please send your CV and covering letter to: