Regulation Updates: Right of Review (C.14)

Thursday 28 March 2024

The FIA have amended the provisions relating to the Right of Review in the 2024 International Sporting Code. The amended FIA provisions limit the time in which a Right of Review request can be submitted to 96 hours and have introduced a fee for such requests. After much discussion and consideration, and following feedback from the community on the Right of Review in 2023, it was considered appropriate to partially mirror the International Sporting Code amendments.

It is considered that the Right of Review is a necessary tool for Competitors, Officials and the ASN. It is also acknowledged that Right of Review requests are often time consuming for Officials and may delay the publication of final Results or the presentation of Awards. There is evidence to suggest that the Right of Review mechanism has, in some instances, been used as an alternative to an Appeal while in other cases it may have been abused. Additionally, some participants have submitted Right of Review requests without sufficiently understanding the Regulatory requirements.

As a result of the review, the ASN has attached a fee to Competitor and Entrant Right of Review requests. The fee will be equivalent to the relevant Protest Fee for that Event and will be refunded should the Review Body find that there is a significant and relevant new element unavailable to the parties seeking the review at the time of the Decision concerned (NCR C.14.1).

In addition to the fee, the time limit in which Right of Review request can be submitted has been reduced. Requests must be submitted within 7 calendar days following the date of the Decision concerned. To limit the delay on the publication of Results, Officials are also expected to complete the review and provide a decision within 7 days of the Right of Review request (NCR C.14.5.3).

In addition, the form of C.14 has been ‘tidied up’ to aid interpretation and clarity.

To view the Right of Review NCR amendments, please go to Section C of the 2024 Motorsport UK National Competition Rules found in the Resource Centre: