Return to Motorsport: Competitor Guidance

Thursday 01 April 2021

This weekend sees the long-awaited return of motorsport, with over 25 events covering seven different disciplines being held across the Easter weekend in England and Guernsey. Events in other devolved nations look set to follow in the coming weeks.

Motorsport UK have produced this short Competitor Guidance video to help you prepare for the start of the season. Please take some time to watch the video and familiarise yourself with the guidance and regulations to ensure we can all enjoy a safe and successful season.

Please remember:

• Stay at home if you know you have been exposed to COVID-19 in the previous 10 days, if you are showing symptoms as indicated in Government guidelines, or if you suspect you might be infected and are awaiting the results of a coronavirus test

• Before an event, please complete the electronic self-declaration form, including the details of your team members for Test and Trace purposes. If you become ill at an event, please withdraw and notify the organiser and contact the NHS for a test

• Be sure to take the following items with you to an event:
PPE mask/balaclava – Gloves – Hand sanitiser – Basic first aid kit – Your own food/drink

• Please complete the vehicle and PPE declarations before you arrive at an event. Scrutineers will be undertaking selected checks. For any doubts about compliance, contact the club scrutineer before the event

Further information can be found on the dedicated COVID-19 resource page on our website:

COVID-19 Competitor Guidance

Face Mask Requirements at Motorsport UK Events