Start your coaching pathway journey with Motorsport UK’s new Accelerator Award

Thursday 13 July 2023

Motorsport UK is inviting the British motorsport community to kick start their journey on the coaching pathway with the launch of a new Accelerator Award. 

The online course is a Motorsport UK recognised learning and open to anyone – whether an aspiring coach, parent, club co-ordinator or volunteer – looking to develop skills to promote motorsport to a broader range of people. 

The Award is structured around four key themes: Driving Motorsport Forward, Keeping Motorsport Safe, Connecting with Participants and Accelerate Motorsport.  

Open to anybody aged 17 or over, regardless of their level of motorsport experience, the only requirement is a passion for the sport and the desire to learn how to engage participants, make sure they’re having fun and, ultimately, encourage them to return time and time again. 

For £34.99, participants will have access to the entire programme, featuring ten interactive training sessions. These will take around 3-4 hours to complete, but participants can take as long as they wish on each session. 

The sessions include questions to build knowledge and check the participants’ understanding of each topic and are accessed through the Motorsport UK Coaching Hub, which contains further useful information and learning resources. 

By the end of the programme, participants will understand many important facets of motorsport, including (but not limited to): understanding the role that coaching can play in talent development, knowing the sporting options and pathways offered through Motorsport UK, awareness of the Rules of Conduct and Sporting Regulations, being able to explain basic terminology associated with car control in a performance context, risk mitigation, learning effective and motivating communication methods, being able to advise on equipment needed for competitors – and much more. 

Upon completing the course, a ‘Motorsport Accelerator’ badge will be provided to all participants for display on clothing and other promotional material, along with a downloadable certificate and access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities and the online coaching community via the Coaching Hub. 

While the Accelerator Award offers a taster of what facilitating motorsport activities may involve, it is also an excellent stepping stone towards further development on the Motorsport UK Coaching Pathway. The natural next step for successful Accelerators is the Certificate in Coaching Motorsport qualification (1st4sport, Level 2). 

For further detailed information about the Accelerator Award, please click here. 

Interested participants can sign up for the Accelerator Award here.