Vintage Sports-Car Club crowned Motorsport UK’s 2022 Sustainable Club of the Year

Wednesday 21 December 2022

After making significant strides forward in its strategy to be more environmentally sustainable, Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC) has been crowned the inaugural Motorsport UK Sustainable Club of the Year.

Established to champion clubs that have taken a proactive and impactful approach to environmental sustainability over the year, the Sustainable Club of the Year Award seeks to recognise those in the motorsport community who showcase a commitment towards action, education and behaviour change for their members.

Motorsport UK’s decision to recognise the work done by VSCC comes from their determination to keep improving and enhancing their approach to environmental sustainability, while also placing transparency at the heart of their sustainability operations.

Specifically, the Club has created a carbon calculator so that they can fully understand the environmental impact in terms of carbon emissions from their events. That means they know precisely where and how to act by avoiding, reducing and finally offsetting the emissions that arise from their events. This represents a significant technological step forward for the club and will help bolster transparency and accountability, which is a critical step in the journey towards a more sustainable future. Additionally, VSCC has collaborated with other clubs to share their learnings in order to support the wider community on their own respective sustainability journeys.

Coupled with this progress is VSCC’s commitment to inspiring younger generations into historic motorsport. The Club’s Board emphasised that widening access and inspiring a new generation of young people into the sport is critical to securing the future of historic motorsport, and moreover, they know that with this comes a very real expectation from younger generations that any claims about environmental sustainability are backed up. This is precisely what VSCC are seeking to do with the continuing development of their carbon calculator.

“Sustainability in motorsport is about everyone making a real and genuine contribution to the country’s net-zero targets – just precisely by doing what we love,” commented Club Member Mark Dibben, Chair of the Sustainability Working Group. “The Vintage Sports-Car Club is immensely grateful to Motorsport UK for their support.

“We hope this tremendous recognition of what the Carbon Emissions Initiative has managed to achieve thus far, with the help of Tree-V and the FBHVC, encourages other motorsport organisations, competitors and even spectators to grasp the remarkable opportunities that exist here for us all.”

Hugh Chambers, Motorsport UK Chief Executive Officer, said:, “The Vintage Sports-Car Club have demonstrated how Motorsport UK Clubs can be proactive when it comes to implementing an environmental management system alongside the running of leading motorsport events.

“These actions have a positive impact on the future of motorsport and VSCC should be proud of their work to date and inspiring a new generation through their activities.”