Vintage Sports-Car Club Winter Driving Test 2023: A Fusion of Classic Elegance and Sustainable Innovation

Thursday 23 November 2023

The Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC) is proud to announce the forthcoming Winter Driving Tests, on Saturday, 2nd December 2023 at the iconic Bicester Heritage. As the culmination of our 2023 events calendar, this gathering is set to be a remarkable day, brimming with vintage charm and contemporary innovation.

This year’s Winter Driving Test not only celebrates the diverse range of the VSCC’s activities but also marks another progressive step in embracing sustainable technology. Building on last year’s introduction of alkylate fuel, the VSCC, in collaboration with Coryton and Motor Spirit, is excited to showcase SUSTAIN Classic fuel at this event. Initially trialled at our Long Course Prescott Speed Hillclimb earlier this year, each competitor at the Winter Driving Test will be provided with 5 litres of SUSTAIN Classic fuel free of charge, highlighting our dedication to sustainable motoring practices.

SUSTAIN Classic is an innovative fuel designed primarily for classic vehicles but also compatible with standard forecourt petrol vehicles. Its adaptability for mixed usage with traditional petrol is a nod towards reducing GHG emissions while providing a practical fuel solution during the transition to more sustainable alternatives.

Tania Brown, Club Secretary of the VSCC, commented: “Our Winter Driving Tests is not just an event; it’s where our passion for vintage motoring meets our commitment to the future. We’re not just celebrating the heritage of our cars; we’re driving towards a more sustainable future, hand-in-hand with our members. This event is a testament to our Club’s ethos – celebrating the joy of classic and vintage motoring while being conscious of our environmental footprint.”

David Richardson, Business Development Director at Coryton, added:

“The Winter Driving Tests provide a fantastic day out, showcasing a wealth of classic vehicles with all the sights and sounds you’d expect from such a gathering. We’re delighted to be working with Motor Spirit and the VSCC to offer SUSTAIN Classic at the show, and to be able to highlight exactly what this fuel is capable of.

“With an octane number >98 and bio-ethanol content of<1%, SUSTAIN Classic fuel is technically tailored for classic vehicles, although it can be used on any vehicle which runs on standard forecourt petrol. And, as the fuel provides GHG savings of more than 65% compared to fossil fuels, it’s perfectly placed to help the VSCC deliver its mission of a more sustainable future.”

Hugh Chambers, CEO of Motorsport UK, added: “Sustainable fuels are an exciting technical development that will have real-world benefits for the UK as we move away from fossil fuels to more sustainable alternatives. It is incredible that pioneering tech can be employed in even the most historic of cars, and we commend VSCC for their ongoing commitment to demonstrating the technology, proving that motorsport remains both an ideal laboratory and showcase for innovation.”

This event is a perfect opportunity for both seasoned enthusiasts and aspiring young drivers to enjoy the thrill of classic cars, supported by the latest in fuel technology, in a safe and encouraging environment.

The VSCC Winter Driving Tests at Bicester Heritage represents a seamless blend of motoring heritage with a dedication to environmental responsibility, making it a must-attend event for all vintage car enthusiasts.

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