VSCC trials sustainable fuels for first time at Prescott

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Members of the Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC) used sustainable fuels for the first time this weekend at Prescott, where they took on the Long Course event.

The VSCC is committed through its Carbon Emissions Initiative to reduce and ultimately eliminate its carbon emissions. Its efforts were recognised in 2022 when the Club won the inaugural Motorsport UK Sustainable Club of the Year. The trial of sustainable fuels is an important step in this process, as the VSCC strives to deliver environmentally sustainable vintage motoring and motorsport.

Coryton provided its SUSTAIN Classic Super 80 free of charge via Motor Spirit. Sixteen entrants into the event elected to use the fuel, which has been created with a commitment to preserve the beauty and legacy of classic cars.

Proving it is sensitive to the unique needs of vintage engine systems, without compromising performance, the fastest Vintage award at Prescott went to Patrick Blakeney-Edwards, who utilised the SUSTAIN Classic Super 80 in his 1930 Frazer Nash. Blakeney-Edwards set a time of 53.33secs.

SUSTAIN Classic Super 80, contains 80% sustainable, synthetic gasoline formulated from second generation bio-mass derived hydrocarbons – essentially waste products from the production of food – and first generation bio-ETBE. It contains less than 1% bio-Ethanol and reduces carbon emissions by more than 65% compared to regular pump fuel.

Bio fuels offer much reduced emissions as the bioethanol is derived from plant material that would otherwise go to waste (so-called ‘second generation’).

“Offering these fuels to our competitors for the first time represents a milestone in our sustainability journey,” observes Tania Brown, Club Secretary for VSCC. “It underscores our commitment not only to further reducing our carbon footprint, but also to championing the responsible use of vintage and classic cars. These vehicles hold a vital place in automotive history, and by embracing sustainable alternatives, we are actively contributing to their preservation for future generations, all while safeguarding their historic character. We’re excited to explore additional collaborations with Coryton in the future.”