You could be a British Indoor Karting Champion

Thursday 23 June 2022

The 2022 British Indoor Karting Championship (BIKC) has relaunched for this year across 35 TeamSport venues UK-wide and now you have an opportunity to get involved!

Entrants have up until 31st August 2022 to set their qualifying lap times and here’s how you can get involved.

Sign up launched early June and it’s quick and easy to do at Track, Online or on the App.

Follow these steps to get involved:

  1. Become an Elite Member if you are not already (to get your KI race licence)
  2. Choose which local track to do your qualifying laps at
  3. Select your racing category
  4. Press REGISTER and start RACING!

For track locations, racing categories and to purchase your Elite Membership visit

Motorsport UK spoke with current Champion Sam Slater and TeamSport CEO Dominic Gaynor, to get the inside line. “I race in BIKC to win the title of British Champion,” says Slater. “This is easily the most affordable and easiest way to become a British Champion… and the prizes are too good to ignore!”

“The championship is intense. Anyone you beat gets eliminated, and only those who finish on the podium with you are able to come along to the next round. Then they get another shot at beating you at the next stage. Alongside that, there are the drivers who have been winning their side of the Championship half-way across the country, and you know you will eventually face them. You have beat champions at every turn to become the BIKC Champion.”

Slater is back for 2022 and plans to retain his title. In 2022. He is also racing in the Mighty Minis championship, racing classic Minis, and hopes to continue to win back-to-back karting championships until he loses his touch.

“I can’t recommend BIKC enough for those who are looking to take on some form of racing” notes Slater. “It’s where almost all F1 drivers start and it’s just so affordable for what it offers. The amount you can learn, the fun you can have, and the prizes you can win are all incredible. BIKC allows drivers to see how they compare against the best in the country and gives them a target to improve on their previous result. The first step is wanting to get involved – the second is just do it!”

“BIKC is the largest, most affordable and accessible motoring championship in the UK”, adds Dominic Gaynor, CEO of TeamSport. “As the European leader in Indoor Karting, TeamSport has a huge ambition to inspire and engage the future generations of motorsport enthusiasts.

“The personal satisfaction gained from simply being part of this National event is the biggest prize of all for so many entrants. New skills are attained, confidence developed, friendships are formed and a passion for motorsport is cultivated, helping to foster the longevity of our sport.

“From the thousands that enter the five different categories, 175 are crowned Local Champions, 45 will become Regional Champions and in November, five TeamSport customers will be crowned as a British Champion.

“In addition to taking that prestigious title, there are prizes valued at over £20,000 for the podium winners. Prizes are provided by headline sponsors Total Karting Zero and Club 100, both of which are instrumental in developing these talented drivers as they take their next step forward into Outdoor Karting.”

Key Dates:

  • Qualifying: 1 June – 31 August
  • Local Finals: 14-15 September
  • Regional Finals: 1-16 October
  • National Finals: 5-6 November


  • Cadet: 8-11 years
  • Junior: 12-15 years
  • Lightweight: 16+years
  • Middleweight: 16+ years
  • Heavyweight: 16+ years