Motorsport UK Officials rally around to support Ukraine with medical equipment aid

Monday 24 April 2023

The Motorsport UK community has rallied in support of the Federation Automobile d’Ukraine (FAU), the Ukrainian motorsport community and the Ukrainian people in recent months.  

From Fynn Watt, a rallycross competitor supporting the delivery of 22 operational vehicles, to Christopher Wigdor, swapping the livery of his 1967 Mallock Mk 6B/8 in period 1600cc Formula 2 trim to Ukraine’s national colours, the support has been evident. 

Motorsport UK launched a fundraising campaign in 2022 to purchase an armoured ambulance and medical supplies before working on logistics to deliver it to Ukraine.   

The organisation is now moving to purchase the vehicle and will be working with Watt on the logistics, with a Ukrainian film crew documenting the journey. There is still time to donate to the fund by visiting 

Motorsport UK Officials have also rallied around the cause, working with two volunteers to supply Rescue and Recovery Unit sourced medical supplies and humanitarian aid.  

The equipment was gathered by Alan Page, a Rescue crew member with CAM Rescue, and passed on to the volunteers ahead of their next trip to Ukraine at the end of April.  

“It’s been a fantastic response by the volunteer community to identify and supply the equipment which will have a second life in an area where it is most needed,” commented Page. “I’m overwhelmed with the generosity demonstrated, and would particularly like to thank Duncan Masters, Gerry Morris and Nathan Hone for their support”. 

The two volunteers, Nathan Rimmer and Becky Freeman, have been taking aid to Ukraine since a month after the war started and have done six trips so far with a seventh planned for the end of April.  

They take aid to places that are missed by the bigger organisations, as well as ensuring it is delivered to hospitals in front line areas. The trips have taken them to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Nikopol, Bucha, Irpin and lots of villages around those areas. 

Items taken focus on life saving supplies, with medical aid and food being given priority.  

Their sixth trip saw medical aid, including boxes of bandages, wound care packs and tourniquets being delivered to a hospital in Bakhmut via trusted volunteers, and food delivered to a settlement where 90% of buildings have been destroyed by Russian shelling and the population reduced from 2000 to 200 people.   

Both Nathan and Becky said, “All the people they meet are so grateful for even the smallest things, just knowing there is support and care can raise spirits and morale for all.”

About Motorsport UK’s Ukraine Fundraiser  

In support and solidarity, Motorsport UK launched a fundraising campaign in 2022 and to date has raised over £40,000.  

Motorsport UK has consulted with members of the community who are supporting the delivery of vehicles and aid to Ukraine. In order to deliver an armoured ambulance with medical supplies to Ukraine, Motorsport UK is inviting the community to help the campaign breakthrough the £50,000 mark.  

The fundraising campaign will conclude on 14 April 2023 and Motorsport UK will then use the funds raised to purchase the armoured ambulance and medical supplies before working on logistics to deliver it to Ukraine.  

Motorsport UK Clubs and Members are invited to donate to the campaign HERE. 

Motorsport UK would like to hear from any clubs or members who have already been engaged in fundraising or, have been providing supplies or support to Ukraine and, particularly those who would be interested in assisting with the procurement & logistics to send the armoured ambulance to Ukraine later this year. You can get in contact with us HERE.