Motorsport unlocked in Jersey and Isle of Man

Friday 23 April 2021

Following the resumption of motorsport in England, Northern Ireland and Guernsey earlier this month, two more devolved nations will welcome a return to competition, with Jersey and the Isle of Man clubs hosting their first events of the season.

In the most southerly part of the British Isles, Jersey will be holding the first round of its Kart Championship, organised by the Jersey Kart Club, while the Jersey Motorcycle and Light Car Club will organise its first rally of the year on 24 April, with a hill climb and sand racing season to follow.

On the Isle of Man, the opening round of the Mylchreests 4×4 Challenge, organised by the Isle of Man Fourwheel Drive Club gets the Manx motorsport season underway this weekend. In the coming weeks, local residents will be able to look forward to autotests and a return to rallying through Manx Autosport Ltd.

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