Jaguar Drivers Club

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Member Type Motor Club

Jaguar Enthusiasts Club

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Member Type Motor Club
Year Club Established 1993
Activities Touring Assemblies

About Us

Jaguar Enthusiasts` Club is the largest Jaguar Club in the UK offering a wide range of activities to allow you to make the most of your Jaguar.

TrackSport is our activity brand which compromises a list of Track Days and Hill Climbs in a non competitive manner allowing you to explore your Jaguar in the safety of a controlled track environment.

We also have a number of regions and model forums throughout the UK that offer runs and routes as part of their activities throughout the year.

Jersey Kart And Motor Club

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Member Type Kart Club
Year Club Established 1960

About Us

Established in 1960 the Jersey Kart & Motor Club is one of the first Clubs established in the UK.

We race at the Loop Road La Route du Nord St John.

Please visit our website to find out more about us.

Jersey Motor Cycle & Light Car Club

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Member Type Motor Club
Activities Autotests, Cross Country, Car Racing, Hill Climbing, Rallying, Sprints

About Us

History of the Jersey Motorcycle and Light Car Club

The Club was formed in 1920, solely for motorcycle events, and the first to be held was a Reliability Trial, for which the Cope Cup was presented by the owner of the Pomme D'or Hotel, and then progressed to Hill Climbs, with many venues, prior to settling for the picturesque setting of Bouley Bay.

Sand racing was introduced at Greve d'Azette and later at St. Brelade's Bay. Millbrook, St. Ouens and West Park is where the majority of events are now held.

Cars were included in events a few years after the formulation of the Club and the majority of vehicles at that time were sports cars.

The International road Race was held on Victoria Avenue in 1947/48/49/50 and 52 and contrary to belief was not discontinued because of the major accident, but due to the heavy financial burden placed on the Club.

The Club of today, runs in the region of 65 events each year with around 500 members of which approximately 100 are juniors, who form a big part of the club taking part in motorcycle events from six years old. Safety is paramount, and all events are run under the auspices of the MSA and the ACU regulations.

The Club is indebted to all local Authorities for granting permission to run a heavy programme each year, in addition the St. John Ambulance Brigade and Normandy Rescue who perform an invaluable service.

This year four hill climbs will be held at Bouley Bay on Easter Monday, Liberation Day 9th May, and August Bank Holiday. In addition to these dates, the prestigious National Hill climb is held in July and attracts a considerable number of contenders for the British Hill Climb Championship from the Mainland and Guernsey, together with top competitors from Jersey riders and drivers.

Four sprints are held on the Five Mile road each year for bikes, cars and karts along with an ever growing number of classic and vintage machines. The Run what you Brung class is proving very popular with the local bikers and the newly introduced RWYB for cars.

Sand Racing is held approximately once a fortnight from April through to September and includes Junior and Senior motorcycle competitors. The majority of cars are Production cars and in recent years, the buggies have been introduces which have proved to be most entertaining and popular with both competitors and spectators alike.

Special Stage Rallies are organised and the famous Jersey Rally event is in October which is another event that has gained national coverage and has a high quality field of entrants from the UK and locally.
Navigational rallies are also organised for night time events and Auto Tests are held at Les Brayes Car Park and these prove to be most entertaining.

Further information can be obtained from the General Secretary, e-mail or the website

Jersey Old Motor Club

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Member Type Motor Club
Year Club Established 2000
Activities Hill Climbing, Sprints

About Us

The Club was formed in 1966 for the benefit of owners of old vehicles manufactured prior to 31st December 1950. The Club is also open to interested persons who do not own such a vehicle.

The Club has a justifiable reputation for friendliness and informality. A monthly newsletter covering all aspects of the Club`s activities and forthcoming events is published, together with an annual Gazette.

The Club`s activities include monthly events such as organised runs, lunches, picnics and other social activities, as well as an informal pub meet on the third Sunday. The Club organises overseas trips and engages in other organised touring rallies in Europe and the U.K.

The objects of the Club are:

To encourage the ownership of vehicles manufactured prior to 31st December 1950.

To provided information and advice on, and encourage the restoration and preservation of old vehicles.

To further the motoring interest of its members generally and where necessary or desirable, to join with other persons to that end.

To encourage courtesty, good driving and safety on the roads.

To encourage the use of vehicles for sporting activities.

Jim Clark Memorial Motor Club

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Member Type Motor Club
Year Club Established 2015

Jowett Car Club

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Member Type Motor Club

About Us

The Oldest One-Make Car Club in the World. Established 1923 and on a computer since 1974.

The Jowett Car Club is international and offers a monthly magazine, library, parts, spares, technical information, events, motorsport, rallying and global contributions from its members. It celebrates Classic British Cars made in Bradford- namely- Jupiter, Javelin, Bradford, Jason, Black Prince, Curlew, Kestrel, Weasel, Flying Fox, Falcon, Long Four, Focus, Blackbird, Kingfisher, Black Prince, Wren, Grey Knight, Silverdale, Chummy, 7cwt Van, Short Two.
Please visiting the website to read the joining form